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Start-up Vineyards Resources for Oregon Grape Plantations

Extensive and valuable vineyard start-up resources provided by NW Vineyards guide winemakers, winegrowers and wine lovers with in-depth information and maps beneficial for learning the many aspects of Oregon’s wine industry from different perspectives. A must read site for the entrepreneur starting up a vineyard or winery.

NW Vineyards – Experience

Dr. Alan Campbell works with growers, winemakers, and consumers to understand and manage the Northwest’s unique wine-growing environments.

Alan founded NW Vineyards in 2001 to combine industry experience with GIS technology to provide maps, analysis, and support to vineyards and wineries in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and northern California.He is the author of “Soil Management and Grapevine Nutrition” in Oregon Viticulture, the 5th edition of the Oregon Winegrape Grower’s Guide, and helped organize the Oregon Vineyard Soil Forum in August 2001.

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